How does bank your animals work? We offer a animal banking system where you can purchase and continue to purchase animals at one flat shipping cost for up to a two week period.

Do you ship? Yes

Can we pick pick up animals in person? Yes. You can pick up your animals at Miami Reptile Company storefront. 17021 South Dixie Highway Miami FL 33157 

How much is shipping? Shipping is always at a flat rate of $49.

Do you ship outside the us? No. We only ship to the continental United states and Alaska. We do not ship to Hawaii. We currently do not have any plans to ship to other countries.  

Do you ship during extreme weather conditions?we ship to your home or place of work, when temperatures are between 32 and 90 degree Fahrenheit. If temps are below 32 and above 90 we only ship to a Fed-Ex hub.

What type of packaging do the animals come in?Depending on the animal, animals are shipped in cups or bags with padding inside a styrofoam box with additional padding. They are provided cold or heat packs depending on temperature and are provided cryo-packs in cases of extreme temperatures.

Are the animals shipped in unmarked boxes? In accordance with Florida Fish and Wildlife, animals are shipped in white boxes with red lettering that states “Live Harmless Reptiles” the package will also shows the quantity, the scientific name, and common name of the animal contained.

If there are delays in shipping can I extend my animal banking period? If there are delays for shipping due to weather, your bank period is automatically extended at no additional cost. Your can also continue to add to your bank while you wait for safe shipping.  

Do you sell venomous reptiles? We do not sell venomous reptiles, endangered,  or prohibited species.

Do you have a live arrival guarantee? All of our reptiles are shipped with a live arrival guarantee. The only time that this guarantee is void is when packages are left at your door by the carrier and not claimed.

How are live arrival guarantee claims processed? In the unlikely event of a DOA, we require the recipient to provide a picture of the shipping box, the shipping label and the DOA animal on its back. Pictures can be sent via email to info@bsrauctions.com or sent by text to 786-459-2741