AUCTION PAYMENTS – When you win an auction it will be added to your won auction list under MY ACCOUNT. When you are ready to either pay in full or start your 25% down 30 day payment plan simply click the pay now button to add item to your cart to checkout.  If you have multiple won auctions under your account click the back button after clicking pay now to add all of your items one at a time to your cart. The items will remain in your cart for 10 minutes and then will be moved back to your account section if time lapses before payment is made, and you will then have to add them again to your cart. Your 25% deposit or payment in full is due within 24 hours of auction close.

BUY IT NOW/MAKE AN OFFER PAYMENTS – When you click the buy it now button or you make an offer and it is accepted, the item is added directly to your cart. You then have 10 minutes to either pay in full or choose your 25% down payment plan option before the item is removed from your cart and returned to available status on the buy it now page. If you make an offer and it is accepted it will automatically be added to your cart and others will see that this item is no longer available on the listing.

WHAT IS A PROXY BID? – Our Auctions are setup with a proxy/maximum bid feature unless noted otherwise. What this means is that if an auction starts at $10 on an item and you bid $100 your current bid will be $10. If someone else bids $50 they will get a message that they have been outbid and your current bid will then be $55.  If someone else comes in and bids $75 your bid will be bumped to $80. If someone else comes along and bids $105 you will have been outbid and get a notice. For example if you see an animal you want and your maximum amount you would like to pay is $250 and you place that bid but the auction only goes up to $175, you will win at the $175 as the system rebids on your behalf up to your maximum amount. IF AN AUCTION STATES NON-PROXY in the listing title this means that the amount that you bid will be your actual bid. If your first bid is $175 then the high bid on the auction is $175.

WHAT HAPPENED TO OVERTIME! – Don’t worry! Its still there but just functions a little bit different than what you were used to on fb as now we have actual auction software and don’t have to rely on those wonderful fb timestamps to gauge overtime.  Each auction has a listed ending time and also a countdown clock as well. If a bid is made within the last 5 minutes of an auction, the 5 minute overtime clock triggers and adds 5 minutes to the ending time automatically. For example. If an auction is listed to end at 9pm and a bid is made between 8:55 and 8:59:59 then 5 minutes will be added to the clock. If no bid is received by 9:00pm the auction closes.  During the last 30 minutes of every auction bids and timers are show in real time without refreshing as they update every second automatically.

BANKING PAID ITEMS – As always we still allow any and all paid for auctions and buy it nows to be saved for you so they can all be shipped for our flat rate of $59 just like we have always done.  You let us know when you would like to ship and we can arrange it for you. No matter if it is one baby corn or 20 adult ball pythons you still pay just one $59 flat rate shipping charge regardless.