Boa Constrictor Starter Kit 10 Gallon


These conveniently prepackaged reptile kits are perfect for baby boas being housed in a small terrarium. This kit includes everything you need from bedding, hide and water bowl to a heating pad, a digital thermometer and decorative vine. It also includes a collapsible snake hook for picking up your baby boa as well as some sphagnum moss for creating a high humidity area in the reptile cave. The coconut husk bedding is also a perfect product to use for tropical snakes of all kinds.

The XYZReptiles 10 Gallon Boa Constrictor Habitat Setup Includes:

1 – 4 Quart Bag of Premium Coconut Fiber Substrate

  • Dust free and non-allergenic
  • Holds humidity well
  • Made from all natural materials
  • No added dyes or preservatives
  • Easy to clean

1 – Small Under Tank Heater

  • Sticky 3M adhesive backing permanently adheres under tank forming a solid bond for optimum heat transfer
  • Four 6mm rubber bumpers included to lift tank and provide air flow
  • Measures 7.5 x 5 inches, power cord measures 72 inches
  • UL tested and certified 120 VAC, 60 HZ, 8Watts
  • Water resistant and easy to clean
  • Ideal for use in 10-15 gallon terrarium and tank setup

1 –Digital Thermometer

  • LCD digital display in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Made from high quality electronics

1 – Naturalistic Quality Resin Reptile Water Dish

  • Will not absorb bacteria, stain or leak-
  • Measures 4 x 4 x 1 inch
  • Looks like hollowed out log

1 – Small Reptile Hide

  • Provides your pet the perfect hiding spot
  • Made from quality resin and measures 6.5 x 4 x 2.75 inches

1 – 1 Ounce Bag of Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss Substrate

  • All natural with no artificial colors
  • Holds humidity to aid in reptile shedding
  • Light weight, easy to clean and stores for months

1 – Jungle Reptile Vine

  • Flexible, waterproof and easy to clean
  • Creates a natural jungle look and provide additional cover for pets
  • Measures 90 inches and can be cut to size

1 – Collapsible Snake Hook

  • Fully collapsible and can easily fit into your pocket
  • Adjustable from 7.5 inches to 26 inches
  • Easy grip handle for easy use and comfort


Weight 0.001 oz
Dimensions 0.001 × 0.001 × 0.001 in


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